Pfizer Fraud The Evidence.

On the 20th of October 2022 Andy Heasman and Daragh O Flaherty & Team handed in evidence to Carrick on Shannon GARDA Station proving the Irish people have been lied to over the past 2 years.” lives needed to be put on hold until we get a vaccine that stops transmission” they said, as they lied over and over, we waited for 2 years thinking tests have been done to fight the virus.

Joan Kirby from Carrick on Shannon has been Vaccine damaged and remains completely ignored when looking for help from those who told her she needed to protect the vulnerable in her work place. She now feels coerced into taking the risks that damaged her health because she is a health care worker. Joan trusted the science, Joan had two vaccines and two boosters because of the pressure that the Pfizer transmission fraud created in her work place. Now Joan is left with constant pain, burning in her stomach and regular doctor visits, Joan has never fully recovered.

While Joan was being injected, our freedoms were taken away one after another. I got two months in prison, made do 30 days isolation because I refused to take part in any medical experiment. We had special Garda investigation units applied to those of us who tried to warn innocent people like Joan. I and many others where vilified in the media while Pfizer’s long history of fraud was kept hidden.

A CEO of Pfizer has now publicly said they NEVER did any test for transmission and that the vaccine was not impacting transmission. So why the vaccine passport ? Why only the vaccinated can travel? [ Covid ID] and why were many other freedoms taken away?

We were told all of this was to stop transmission until we get a vaccine that stops transmission.

Sharon Browne has lost her mother to the Pfizer vaccine and fought tooth and nail for 2 years with very little help from anyone. We have tried many times to close down the vaccine center in Limerick with success and failures as they have being moving the vaccine centers around.

We have been in close contact with Mark Sexton over the past few weeks as he has being doing some tremendous work closing down these depopulation camps and waking up people who are working in them, with a very well laid out book of evidence and hard facts he has opened up investigations.

We have being working hard gathering evidence to present to an Garda siochana and show them that by Pfizer’s own admission they lied to the Irish people costing lives at an incredible rate that is up 17% this year so far. They committed fraud on a global scale. Don’t believe me? take a look for yourself.

Click the image below and watch the full video of Andy Heasman, Daragh O Flaherty & team present the evidence to Carrick on Shannon Garda station.


Carrick on Shannon this Thursday 12pm to 7pm please come and support the closing down of these places

The Experiment has to stop!

I must give a very big thank you to Daragh O Flaherty who was instrumental in forming our Pfizer fraud case and presenting it to be lodged in for an investigation. It has now given us more grounds to close these places down before they inject Children under 5 years of age and before all this is made mandatory in schools just like the Measles Jab is mandatory in pre school already. They are well on their way to implementing Covid Jabs and making them mandatory. let’s remember this “Vaccine” does not stop anything and they have told us this themselves, how can they continue progressing knowing this data?

Pfizer Transmission Fraud Documentation

Documentation of Pfizer Fraud

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I'm an Irish Patriot who is standing up for the traditions of Ireland, fighting against tyranny and corruption that has gript the country. Defending the Catholic faith and preserving her through such persecution the world has never seen.

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