Pfizer under investigation for fraud on Irish people

After a very long 2 years fighting for justice we can can finally say we are making head way in exposing what we have always known, vaccines was never about health.

Carrick on Shannon GARDA station

Pfizer has lied to the Irish people about protection from transmission of the virus, they have said with there own words we must lockdown our family until we find a vaccine that stops transmission, everything the government has done was based on stopping transmission, wear a mask, don’t travel outside 5km, have 6 people in your home, we couldn’t go to funerals or hospitals to visit loved ones, we couldn’t hug, many of our elderly died in nursing homes, all this was to stop transmission until we got a vaccine.

A wave of truth is coming

A CEO of pfizer has publicly said they never did tests for transmission on the vaccine so we are left with what test did they do to create something to stop transmission? I mean the whole vaccine was supposed to be made to stop transmission but they didn’t do one single test. Once the vaccine was rolling out everyone was told to take the vaccine and save granny but the vaccine never stopped transmission and we didn’t saved granny because she got blood clots and died suddenly after her first Jab.

Overwhelming evidence

The evidence is so overwhelming against Pfizer and with the help of Darragh o Flaherty we have put together all the evidence of fraud and handed it into Carrick on Shannon GARDA station, they have accepted the evidence and have now opened an investigation, with so many people coming forward who are vaccine damaged they have to act before it’s to late for our children.

We believe we are very close to closing down these place once and for all as the evidence is pilling up day after day. Nothing can stop whats coming and people are going to want justice after they find out how bad pfizer has lied to us costing us lives at an incredible level. This investigation is only the start but its a big start for us and we must now keep the foot down and keep working hard to save our children at all costs.

I’d like to thank Mark Sexton for all his work over in the UK, he is doing tremendous work closing down vaccine centres and investigations opening. We have taken his formula and implemented it here the best way we can with the very limited resources we have and we can say its worked very well and has now set the stage to go after every depopulation center in Ireland and get this truth out to everyone.

Shocking data

Videos will be coming over the next few days detailing how to start an investigation in your County and if we all work together then we can stop the madness.

I’d like to thank all those who have been working together side by side giving everything to save our country, true Son and Daughters of Erin.

Erin go Bragh

Published by Andy Heasman

I'm an Irish Patriot who is standing up for the traditions of Ireland, fighting against tyranny and corruption that has gript the country. Defending the Catholic faith and preserving her through such persecution the world has never seen.

2 thoughts on “Pfizer under investigation for fraud on Irish people

  1. Hi Andy, I can only say that you, Darragh and the rest of your compatriots, are doing trojan work.. It’s very heartening to hear of the investigation being put in place and I would appreciate a copy of your evidential files submitted to the police so that we may instigate something similar here in Cork.. I’m often in touch with the other lads from Cork – Tommy, Ross etc and perhaps they’ll get hold of what’s needed.. Either way, I’m looking forward to your upcoming videos regarding same.. Keep up the good work Andy..

    Kind regards, Joe

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