We Can Close Them Down

They cant cover up everything and all the people coming forward and they wont stop the truth from getting out, they had their turn and now its ours. Please subscribe to my Website and follow our work as we continue to fight and close these places down. Click the image below and see how the […]

We Can Close Them Down

Published by Andy Heasman

I'm an Irish Patriot who is standing up for the traditions of Ireland, fighting against tyranny and corruption that has gript the country. Defending the Catholic faith and preserving her through such persecution the world has never seen.

One thought on “We Can Close Them Down

  1. Help our police and Irish defence forces by encouraging them to go to unz.com and henrymakow.com for a daily grasp on reality. Don’t fall for the divide and be conquered trick which is the history of our nation. Educate them, division is growing. Let’s build on that towards unity to build a stronger people and nation. Please God ❤️🙏


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