We Can Close Them Down

They cant cover up everything and all the people coming forward and they wont stop the truth from getting out, they had their turn and now its ours. Please subscribe to my Website and follow our work as we continue to fight and close these places down.

Click the image below and see how the facts are being completely ignored by those who are supposed to protect us, why don’t they care when presented with real facts? is life now so cheap now?

These GARDA have a lot to answer for because there is no stopping the massive wave of deaths and injuries coming their way as more and more people are coming forward.

Click Image For Video

Published by Andy Heasman

I'm an Irish Patriot who is standing up for the traditions of Ireland, fighting against tyranny and corruption that has gript the country. Defending the Catholic faith and preserving her through such persecution the world has never seen.

2 thoughts on “We Can Close Them Down

  1. If you’re not speaking about the international banking cabal that are the architect’s of this global coup and the fact that they own our governments, mainstream media and all institution’s of the nation, then you are part of the problem. Don’t get distracted by fake issues compared to the biggest one. Jesus made it clear in his last public speech before he was arrested Mathew 23. Speak truth to power. That’s what Christian men should be doing. Carry on Andy❤️🙏


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